Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sewjo Mojo.......

Helloooooo, hope you've all had a great weekend.
It's been very chilly here, downright cold I might venture to say.
I had my market stall in Bright on was cold, I rugged up. 
There were coats, scarves, gloves and lots of hot coffee involved.....
The sun put in appearance for all of 10 seconds and then it was gone....


I had a ball,

 I always do.......

It's about sharing my creative makes with people.
 Connecting with complete strangers.
 Making new friends. 
It's about the lovely market goer who gave some doilies that belonged to her mum and thought I could use them. 
 Being surrounded by other creative, inspirational people.
 About the wonderful live music I can groove to whilst trying to keep warm.....

A cosy, corner of my stall, it  made me feel warm just looking at the crocheted rug....

A basket of Bunnies waiting patiently.....

Will they find their new home today or not?
They look a little  worried don't they?
Maybe they're feeling the cold too......

Plus there were more Hedgie brooches...

Talking about other creative, inspirational people.
Let me introduce you to the work of my super talented friend Lauren.....
I've had the pleasure of seeing her work evolve and 
I'm constantly inspired by her new makes.

How gorgeous are these little zip purses?

repurposed fabric,

quality wool felt,

 and the design is hand stitched with such neat, teeny tiny stitches.......

Cute as softies.....I love them all, particularly
 that gorgeous little owl there on the right and there's another  hiding at the back.
I moved the tags so you could see these cuties, hence the string around them....sorry...styling isn't my strong point!!

Check out the super, neat blanket stitching...

A few of Lauren's brooches,
 delicate stitching and crochet edging...

A basket full
of sweetly stitched

These cuties make my bunnies
 look like monsters hehe...

Lauren's etsy shop, Indigo Ink Spot is full of her wonderful work including hand made books with screen printed covers that she makes along with her husband Chris.
Click on the link and check it out......

A rather stylish market goer 
but I think he's got his eye on my bunnies!!.....

A new to me stall holder was Renee who had whipped up a pile of soft, snugly and brightly coloured beanies with her hooky stick.....
She also had some wonderful jewellery which incorporated felt balls, feathers and some quirky Lego pieces....
sorry no pics though...

How about a great crocheted, twine  holdall for your
crafty space. 
Keep all those bit and pieces together in the one spot...
Great idea Renee...

I loved this hanging fruit or vegie holder.
Could be used for all sorts of things.
In between chit chat, laughter and talking to customers Renee managed to whip up another 3......
she doesn't use patterns either, she free forms and it works so well...

Renee's website is Made by Dane, pop over for a visit and see what she's been up to.

Time flies when you're having fun and all too soon it was time to pack up......I really didn't want to.
My one criticism of the market is that it doesn't go for long enough...9am - 1pm....
I just don't want to go home....

It had been a fun morning and of course I had to check out the op shops once I had packed up.
No treasures to be found this month......
Lauren was already there and had nabbed a few for herself, hehe.... 

A snap along the road on the way home.....

Cold, grey clouds keeping the temperature down.
 I knew what I was going to do when I got home.....

Find a comfy spot in front of the heater and stay warm.....hmm, think someone's beaten me to it!!

Thankyou for all the lovely comments on my last post regarding my makes and the market.
It turned out to be a good day for me, despite the cold weather which can mean fewer customers.....
I came home with less stock and my pocket jingling with a few more coins, although I did manage to spend a few of them at the market!!

Tomorrow is going to be a gardening day, lots of pruning, weeding and planting to do. I'm going to spend time outdoors in the fresh air getting dirty, bringing back some order to my garden.
There'll be coffee too as no doubt it will be cold.

So tell me, what did you get up to on the weekend?
What has your week got in store for you?

Whatever it is, enjoy it, have fun and don't be a stranger...

Thanks for visiting,




  1. It looked a really good craft fair. I am so glad it went well and you sold your lovely wares.

    ps do you have a special foot on the machine for your embroidery? I am wondering about machine embroidering some hand made felt but have never done anything like it before.

  2. dear Claire,im so glad you did well with your sales and had such good time with your market friends...i'll go check them out now :)
    cant wait to see your garden photos!!!!
    have a lovely week!!! xxx

  3. The weather has been the same here and it's supposed to be Summer. I froze my beeehind off and got drenched to the skin on Friday at Ladies Day race meeting! I'm sure I spotted Noah floating past in his Ark! Sounds like you had a ball at the market, Claire and your things are so 'wantable'....have you thought of selling online? I think you would do well. Your brooches are fab. I also love your friend's Harris Tweed makes. Clever ladies you all are. Have a great week.

  4. Dear Claire,
    Some lovely makes! I do love the rabbits!
    They do say if you want the best seat in the house - look for the cat!

  5. Hi Claire, Glad to hear you had fun at the market despite the weather. Your rabbits look really cute and I like the work your friend makes very much as well.

    Wish you a happy new week!

    Madelief x

  6. Sounds like a great market Claire - there's nothing like meeting up with other crafty folk! Love the work of the other artists/designers, you have featured - lovely stuff :) Hmmm - that seat looks very inviting, hehe! x

  7. You can't go far wrong if you're having a good time AND making money!

    I've been looking round some local open gardens today. There were 11, plus the new allotment site with twenty or so plots. I bought quite a few plants at one garden so will be putting them in tomorrow.

  8. Wasn't that a great market, Claire?! I always feel it goes too fast, too! Mel and I went and defrosted at the cafe up the road, Ginger Baker, once the market was over. Have you been there? You'll have to come there with me next time after the market - it's just adorable. And AHHH-MAZING chocolate brownies!

    Thanks for all the pics of my work - will try to revive my blog today, thanks to your encouragement!

  9. I was thinking of you and wondering how you got on. I wish the sun had shone for you, I know how cold it is standing around at the market on a gloomy day. Looks like a lot of really nice stalls around you though.

  10. Hello Claire - beaut to have a look through the market with you. Lots of lovely goodies... and, oh, your bunnies are so sweet as are your friend Laurens - obviously different breeds!
    Glad you enjoyed your day. Will look forward to popping in and saying 'Hi' when the weather gets warmer :D)
    Our weekend was lovely - laid back. We went for a little drive and watched seagulls battling the wind in hope we'd throw them some leftovers from our picnic! Cheers for now xx

  11. Ah, I was right there with you, as you described your day at the market.
    Hey, let's start a hedgehog appreciation club - they were hedgehogs, right? Maybe they are echidnas, but I prefer hedgehogs, being Scottish.

    Can't beat the wood fire.



  12. Your fire looks very inviting,we could do with some sun hear in the UK.Glad you market are doing OK.One I have been attending has folded due to lack of support from villages.Let me know if you pop over to my site.

  13. Love the look of your market stall Claire. There certainly are some very clever people out there and thank you for showing us some...

    I love markets, they are fun. It was cold at ours on the weekend but there was nice warm tea, coffee and cake to keep us cosy. Ours was just a produce market so no nice crafty bits on show...

    I love the way your cat has positioned itself in front of the fire lol, what a great pic!


  14. It must be a lot of fun to meet up with your fellow crafters at the market and catch up on each other's lives and see the fun new creative things they are making. I LOVE the little embroidered bunnies that your friend makes. :-) Kitty cats always know the best places to sit.

  15. I always look forward to reading your post after Market Day, what fun you have............. and you came home with a few extra pennies, that's great.
    I enjoy watching the setting up of stalls all the unpacking, whats going to come out next,vendors calling hello across tables..............
    The veggie/fruit hanger looks great, what a wonderful idea would be handy for onions and garlic.

    Hope you have a great day in your garden, sounds like there's lots to do. Keep Warm X

  16. Hello Claire
    What a lot of fantastic makes from you and your fellow crafters. How creative everyone is!
    I remember accompanying my sister several times to boot sales in the Uk and helping her out selling her unwanted bits....and she didn't do too bad at all. It was freezing but we had such a good time together and it was like when we were children at home...sipping tea and remembering what we used to get up to. I agree you also get to know some great people.

    Perhaps I can entice you to visit my blog Claire? :-)

    enjoy your gardening

    Amanda :-)

  17. So, so, so much gorgeousness at the market!!! Wish I'd been there (although I doubt I'd have been able to curb the spending)!!!
    I adore your cute stall sign!!! :-)

  18. Dear Claire, I just LOVE your basket full of BUNNIES! They look like they just need a little child to hug them and love them ragged. Thank you so much for stopping by . . . I do love making things from old clothing. When I was small my mother and grandmother always patched, melted and darned, to make an item last longer. I just turn it into something else, especially denim. Today I was re-purposing a pair of jeans into gifts for my granddaughters. That will be a future post. Thank you again for dropping by. If, I'da known you were coming, I'da baked a cake. Connie :)

  19. What fabulous crafty people you were surrounded by.....just think if it went longer you wouldn't be able to op shop.....
    We are in a cold snap here to so your lovely crocheted blanket would be well used here.
    Have a great week. xx

  20. Sounds like a great market..despite the cold! Love the pics - felt like I was there ;)

  21. What a lovely market and the products look so lovely - love handmade things!

  22. Very Lovely work! Thank you for sharing.

  23. Hi Claire. I read this post earlier today and then, this evening, I've found out where Bright is - I was slowly making my way through the latest Australian Country Style and found an article on Bright and the surrounding region. No wonder you were cold!! Good luck with the next market. Sam xx


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