Thursday, June 7, 2012

Camper Van Dreams........

Hello there, welcome to my creative space today......
Please excuse the mess, I've been a little busy.

I've been busy snipping, stitching, crocheting and having coffee with friends which is why I haven't finished this Camper Van cushion, BUT
I'm sure you'll get the picture...

Take some woollen blanketing, yarn, felt and thread...

Snip, stitch and crochet...

Use your machine and 'write' something.......

Add some polka dot fabric to make a happy string of bunting....♥♥♥

Hmmm, just realised as I looked at this pic that I need to add a little more stitchy detail to the camper van before I sew up the side seams!!

And there you almost have it, one Camper Van cushion!

Well, it will be shortly...

Before I plug the sewing machine in I'm heading over here to see what everyone else has been up to.

Thanks for popping by, so glad you could visit and 'hello' to all my new followers......

Wishing you all a creative day,

Claire ❀❀❀


  1. I am a huge campervan fan (we even had an orange one for our wedding hehe) and I LOVE this! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Helen x

  2. That is fabulous! Everything about it is just perfect - the fabric is lovely and that bunting!!! Just wish I could go free embroidery on my machine (is that what you have done?). I can't work out how to drop the foot.

  3. What a beautiful cushion! Love the bunting at the top and all the details!! Great job!

  4. Claire what a gorgeous cushion. I am very inspired. Might have to pin it!!

  5. Hi Claire. Are you having 'camper van dreams' because you wish you had one?? I love the mini bunting. xx

  6. That is too clever!! Love the stitching around the van!

  7. Another beautiful cushion! Love all your colour combinations!
    Such bright and cheerful! That van can tag along those cheeky monkey business!
    Have a great day! Ning x : )

  8. Wow, they will sell like hot cakes at the market! Whoa hoo!

  9. Very cute little cushion.. got to love a caravan :)

  10. OMG, I would almost swap my blanket for your cushion.....too cute and cosy!

  11. Wow , It's fabulous Claire. I love the blanket you used for the cushion and the bright red camper is perfic :0)
    I LOVE it.
    Jacquie x

  12. That's so bautiful! And all the colours are so bright and match so well together!
    Have a nice day,

  13. Simply fab Claire! Love the colour combos :) x

  14. I absolutely LOVE this. Clever!

  15. oh my goodness! My favourite things, bunting and Kombi!!! Totally love it.

  16. I love it! A red combi van and colourful bunting - just perfect :-)

  17. Lovely! The van is so beautiful!
    I love the black stitches!

    by SofaN!

  18. VERY cute!! I think I feel a project coming on...

  19. oh, it is just delightful!! I need to get me a new machine that I can free sew with, mine is just too clunky and doesn't flow, I can't even do a circle with any ease!

  20. Oh yes still have me baffled at how you do you machine writing xxxxx

  21. CUTE!! I love the bright red crocheted edge you added to this one!

  22. Super Claire - I love love love your camper van and the bunting is too adorable. Have a lovely weekend. Liz xx

  23. beautiful claire!!!everything you make is perfect!!!!have a lovely weekend.. xxx

  24. Oh. My. Goodness!! I bloomin' LOVE this cushion (or soon-to-be cushion)....full of character and I adore the colours. Your 'writing' is amazing... I had a few attemps on my machine long ago but I found it SO difficult, even just simple shapes, etc. I also got put off when my embroidery hoop wouldn't easily fit under my needle and I had to actually un-screw the foot attatchment off whenever I wanted to move my work :( very annoying!
    But I waffle on sorry, just wanted to say... Love this cushion. Lots :)

    Louise xx

  25. Love that cushion!!!! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog xx The campervan goodies are going well, and I'm busy making more for my fairs & the shop I work at too.
    Have a lovely week : )

    Sharon xx

  26. What a gorgeous cushion - just perfect for a campervan. Extra cushions are always welcome on the road ;D)

  27. Love that cushion, it's snuggly, a campervan (and a red one at that) and some polka dots, what's not to love :)


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