Monday, June 4, 2012

Monkey Business

                Hi there, how are you all?

  Hope you had a great weekend and found some time to create, relax or celebrate the Queen's 60th Jubilee for all my UK visitors. 
It's been a particularly chilly day here, starting off with a foggy morning which I missed as I headed off to work when the family were still tucked up snug as a bug..........
I saw the full moon hanging just above the tree line, it was cloudy but not a wisp of fog to be seen.....

By the time I finished work, there was a leaden, grey sky with the wind whipping up the oak leaves in a very quiet main street.......beautiful.
 I stood there grinning like a loon, watching the swirling leaves!! 

A little bit of monkey business has been taking place here over the weekend.
A creative brain wave had to be explored and a thrifted, grey, woollen blanket along with some felted jumper offcuts became a nice big, squishy cushion. 
I think it now makes this corner of the couch nice and cosy and perfect for a spot of hmmm......crochet!!
Before you even ask girls, I have to say no, I did not crochet the blanket.
My great auntie Ellie, made it back, way back, in the 70's. She lived in an old folks home and used all sorts of different ply yarns to make a couple of these rugs. As you can imagine they have great sentimental value, but I 'm sure she would've appreciated some of the online tutorials about joining grannies as you go......

Monkeying around....

Inspired by the Hasbro game 
'Barrel of Monkeys'

I felt a little crochet trim was needed to add a bit of granny goodness to those cheeky monkeys......

So girls, guess where I'm going to be spending some of these grey, gloomy days? yep, that's right.......

Sitting in the corner......of the couch, hehe!!

It may be cold and grey outside, but there's still a bit of life and colour in the garden.......

Gorgeous hot pink Camellias, brighten up any day.....
Peer through the leaves and what can you spy, next door?

 Stunning Liquid Ambers...... putting on the most gorgeous display.

Our Maples and Silver Birches have dropped all their leaves, but not the neighbours trees.

I took this pic last week, when it was a little warmer and the late afternoon sun, was bathing everything in a golden glow.   

  The Wintersweet (Chimonanthus Praecox)
 It's been in bloom about a month now. 

If you're not familiar with it, the flowers are quite unremarkable, but it's  perfume is beautiful.
So nice to have it wafting around the garden.


Tig's not fazed by the cold weather he's keeping warm wearing his Winter coat.

He's doing what he does best.....nothing.

Well, the weekend is but a distant memory.
 I had a lovely catchup over Eggs Benedict and a coffee with two of my sisters on Saturday morning
There was time for some sewing and a little crocheting in amongst the housework.
Another episode of Downton Abbey on Sunday that show and here we are back into a new week.

Hope you are all well and a big 'Thanks' to all my new followers.

Thanks for popping by,



  1. Hi Claire! What a lovely post! I adore your photos! This weekend was a bit tiring for me cause my exams approach and have to study harder.
    Have a nice day,

  2. Lovely photos! Those monkeys on the cushion looks very cheeky to me! : )
    Thanks Claire for visiting on my blog and leaving your comments.
    Ning x : )

  3. And also 'thank you' for signing on my followers panel! : )

  4. Oh I love the monkey cushion, SO cute!! Your sofa looks very cosy indeed :)
    ...Loving the colourful blanket your Aunt made too!

    Louise xx

  5. Wonderful post! Monkey cushions, they certainly made me smile. Ruth

  6. Claire, that view of yours, the liquid ambers in all their fall glory, what a thing to see! We can grow quite a few of the same plants here in California, I've never heard of your fragrant bush though. And peonies I think need a colder winter.
    Clouding up here and we are going to get a much needed rain.
    Darling monkeys by the way

  7. Those monkeys really are cheeky!Fab as always, Claire. I always look forward to your scenery pics and my favourite flowers are peonies. I'm a bit like Tig, this weekend and very much getting used to just doing what I actually like to do instead of what I have to do!Wish the Queen had a Jubilee every year! Have a great week, Claire. x

  8. Love the monkey cushion Claire. And the crochet blanket is gorgeous - just right to wrap all round you and keep warm. It's everything Jubilee here although the weather was grey, wet and cold. Watched the celebrations in London on TV. Much warmer today.

  9. the monkey cushion is just perfect!!!!and the grey colour lets the monkeys come out pretty strong. i also love your crochet blanket...i was about to ask but you got me!!!!
    have a lovely week !!!!

  10. I remember that game 'Barrel of Monkeys' and was the first thing I thought of when I saw your cushion.It made me smile! Enjoy your corner of the lounge this winter!

  11. I love the photo of the Autumnal trees and the mountains, just beautiful. Lovely cushion too.

  12. Hello Claire,
    Great cushion covers and even more so to think how you have made the most of a boring grey blanket converting it into something so jolly. Love it!

    Amanda :-)

  13. You are so clever and creative Claire. I think I should add brave too because those monkeys look quite tricky to negotiate actually. Well worth the effort though. Every time I visit your blog I want to get on the sewing machine. The Liquid Ambers are looking so cheery and even under leaden skies I think they would look dazzling. Gale force winds here and we have had to batten down the hatches and secure any loose items. Will have to pick the last of the Granny Smiths before they are all blown off!

  14. You could have been describing the weather here in England! When I told you they'd forecast Sunday being 11 degrees, they got it wrong, it was 8!
    Still it's been a lot better yesterday and today (so far).

    Those Liquid Ambers are lovely, you live in such a beautiful place.


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