Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be My Honey Bee.................

A beautiful Valentine's evening spent having dinner by Lake Sambell in Beechworth.

Sounds very romantic, but in reality it was fish and chips with hubby and No. 1 son.

It was lovely, beautiful scenery, company and no cooking or dishes.

We fed the ducks and then played cards.

Yes, that's right we played cards and I won, woohoo.

Saturday afternoon, I was invited to tag along as one of the locals went to check his bee hives.

I've been interested in beekeeping for quite some time, but had never had the opportunity to get up close to a bee hive and find out all about it.

CFA overalls are the perfect outfit, when checking bee hives.
A little smoke, helps calm them down, making them easier to handle.

A frame ready for robbing........

Frames in the extractor, spinning out the honey.

As soon as Neil started spinning the frames, the aroma was overwhelming.

It hasn't been a great season for honey, due to all the rain we've had. But it was surprising how much honey he extracted from half a dozen frames.

It was certainly an interesting way to spend a couple of hours.

I wouldn't mind having a bee hive or two in our garden, I'm sure they would love the Zinnias.....

More stunning colours, I just love the brilliant yellow 'star' shaped thingummys around the flower centre.

The colours are vibrant, and eye popping.

Bees wouldn't be able to resist these little beauties

Must make sure I collect some seeds of this colour, I think it's my favourite this season.

They continue to flower adding colour to the garden which at the moment is a myriad of greens, after all the rain this season.
The grass still needs mowing on a fortnightly basis. This time last year when you walked outside, it was crunchy underfoot, with bare patches of dirt.

It's been a busy week, sewing wise.
Pirate Cats and bunnies are piling up for the next market in Bright which is this Saturday.

The mornings are cooling down and the Canadian Maples are starting to change colour, yes, Autumn is creeping closer and closer.

I hope you are having a great week, wherever you are.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting, always lovely to hear from you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. I've always wondered how they extracted honey from hives, very interesting and looks yummy too! Just had beans on toast for lunch, but now wishing I had honey for the toast instead! The flowers look lovely, I like how vibrant the red is. Well done on winning cards! :) x

  2. Hi Claire , love your first picture of the lake and the ones of your zinnias ...stunning flowers. It's always interesting to here about the southern hemisphere sliding into the opposite season , I'm so ready for spring, hope you are ready for autumn :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Hi Claire , love your picture of the lake and the zinnias are stunning. Hope you are ready for autumn, I'm so ready for spring :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. All your photos of the lovely zinnias have given me the urge to grow some this year. Over here they have to be started off indoors and then planted out, which in the past I've not been very good at but I'll give them a go. Who knows I may have some photos of them on my blog in a few months time to keep you going in your Winter!

  5. Morning Claire,
    Lake Sambell looks like a beautiful sheet of glass! Great photos and you had me at 'fish and chips' !! I love fish and chips!

    I love honey and I hope you were protected also while 'bee'ing so close for those 'bee'autiful photos ;->

    I am sure your pirates will be 'walking the blank' into buyers shopping bags at your next market.

    Yes..be sure to save those seeds. What gorgeous colors on those zinnias.

    Enjoy the encroaching autumn and have a good week.

    Hello to the guys!

    janet xox

  6. Bee keeping fascinates me also but I'm afaid I'm not up to it but I'm sure it would be very rewarding.
    Fish and chips...I want some now.....

  7. I loved the lake so peacefull. What was swimming toward you ?

  8. What a great opportunity to see the hives up close and the comb spinning. I would like to have a hive but Craig thinks we are too densely populated here and the neighbours would get upset...perhaps so...but one day I might trade the suburban for an urban.

  9. PS. I don't think we can ever have too many zinnia pictures!

  10. I agree - the pictures are stunning. Fish and chips by the lake - perfect!

  11. Those zinnias are beautiful, such vibrant colours. The lake looks so peaceful and eating fish and chips with that view sounds wonderful. Good luck with your next market.
    Anne xx

  12. Hey everyone, thanks so much for your comments.

    I think a few more fish and chip nights or picnics by the lake are in order
    In Winter, I love what I call "car picnics" nice and cosy in the car, chilly outside.
    It's a cool, wet day here, so car picnics might be happening sooner than expected...............
    There won't be any bees visiting the Zinnias today.

    Claire :}

  13. Such an interesting post with the bees! I've seen someone removing them from a hive before from a distance but never views like this close up. Thanks for sharing : )

  14. Loved seeing beekeeping where you are, since I keep bees myself. I wish I could taste that honey! My hubby brought me home a jar of honey from his trip to Lithuania and it tasted great, quite different to our own.


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