Monday, February 21, 2011

Summer, Winter, Summer.................

So here we are into another week, hope you all had a great weekend whatever you did.

My weekend started out a little differently than expected.
I woke very early as I was planning to head to Bright for the monthly market, but it was pouring with rain, so I decided not to go.
As it turned out the market was cancelled, but not before a few die hard stall holders had made the trip and set up.............

I decided it was the perfect morning to head down the road to Beechworth for breakfast. It's a lovely little gold mining town with alot of history, beautiful old buildings and lots of lovely shops.

I took the above photo about 10.30am, one minute it was clear and then the fog rolled in.
It didn't hang around for long, but you know I love this sort of weather.
Mind you it wasn't at all cold, in fact it was quite mild.

We had 36mls of rain all up and it had fined up by lunch time.
It was actually rather steamy which is never pleasant.

The second building on the left is the Beechworth Bakery and in this sort of weather I like to order coffee a savoury scone (or two) the local newspaper and grab a seat in the window, to enjoy a relaxing breakfast, look out into the street and while away a lazy hour.

Hubby and No. 1 son had gone to the Cool Summer Festival at Mt. Hotham for the day.

Apparently, it was quite wet and blowing a gale, but the scenery was spectacular.

The outdoor stage was moved indoors and it sounds like everyone had a good time.

Sunday was the monthly Lions Club market in my little village.

Earlier in the week rain had been forecast for Sunday as well, but it had cleared off Saturday afternoon.

I still had the car packed from the Bright market so off I went.

It was a lovely morning if a little breezy.
I put my basket of Pirate Cats and Blanket Bunnies on a little tray stand covered with one of my op shop tea cloths.
Feb. is usually a quiet month after the rush of Christmas and school hols etc. so this market was a little quiet.
But we still had people coming from far flung parts to visit.

I sold a few things, but nothing like previous markets still that's how it goes, swings and slides..........

There was live music, as a fundraiser for the Victorian flood victims.
Gives the market a lovely atmosphere.

It's always a good opportunity to catch up with some locals and have a chat.

I had my crochet with me and almost managed to finish a granny square..............

(No I'm not that slow, just alot of interruptions, welcome ones of course......)

This morning was lovely and sunny and I had promised myself a day in the garden.
More like I had neglected it for so long it was threatening to take over. So armed with secateurs and chopper lopper thingys,I donned the gardening gear and attacked.

I cut chopped, trimmed, pruned and the pile of prunnings grew and grew and grew.
While I'm outside it's a good opportunity to let the girls out of their run for a change of scenery.

They're great little helpers, eating all the little nasties, they have brilliant eyesight.....

Ever seen a chook wearing glasses? Thought not......hehe

Poor Tig felt a little under threat, safer to stay inside whilst Mrs Brown is on her bug hunt.

Here's my secret weapon, in the gardening war.

No 1 son and a ride on mower with trailer.

While I pruned and the piles grew, he gathered them up, loaded them into the trailer and took them into the paddock for the cows to graze on.

There were several loads and the cows had a lovely feast.

We didn't even have to call them, they were mooing and running.

It's not like there's no grass in the paddock for them, but I guess it's a nice change from their usual diet.
By the end of the day I had hacked, mowed and whipper snipped the jungle back into some semblance of order.

As I headed for a nice warm shower with a feeling of contentment at my achievements, I hoped that I hadn't overdone it, as tomorrow I have to go to work.

Always nice to be able to move without sore muscles accompanied by moaning and groaning......

Not a good look when you work in a hospital.....

Tig has the right idea, I plan to do this as soon as I have finished this post.

I'm sure I will sleep soundly tonight.
Hope I don't dream of killer shrubs, their leafy tentacles reaching out to strangle me!

It's a cool, dare I say chilly, evening here, I have had to put on some layers and have dug out my Winter slippers.....
No. 1 started stacking away the wood (see previous post) later this afternoon.

I told him I couldn't wait until we could use the wood heater.

He rolled his eyes, but he's used to me.......

BUT fear not, Summer isn't done here yet, we are expecting temps to climb back up to 30 by the weekend........
So hopefully the zucchinis will keep growing and the tomatoes keep ripening before I have to start using some of that wood........

I hope your week has gotten off to a good start.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my ramblings, it's always nice to hear from you and I must say a big 'WELCOME' to all my new followers.

Look forward to hearing from you all,

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. The temperatures plumeted here to 7 and even -3 on Mt Wellington in Hobart. They had snow! We have the heater on again, looking forward to 23 high tomorrow. Interesting chook/cat dynamics, heh heh.

  2. Hi Claire, Beechworth looks picturesque I would love to visit some day. The poor weather does not dampen it's beauty. Talking about things of beauty, I must say, young Tigger is beautiful. I love the "Chook Stare" Tigger is giving through the sliding door, very cute at a safe distance. take care, Yollie :O)

  3. Hi Claire , whay a lovely post . the scenery around your home is stunning.
    Mr BM dreams of having a sit on lawn mower (and a garden big enough to need one) , so this would be his idea of heaven.
    Hope you are not too stiff today .
    Jacquie x

  4. Claire, you have amazing energy! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with us. Your weather seems quite similar to ours. We have had overcast grey mist, rain all day today and it looks as if it could be quite foggy tonight. One day is nothing like the next. Love your pictures!

  5. What lovely views you have round your place.
    Is that fruit cage netting to the right of the cows? It looks really tall.

    I love the first picture of Beechworth, it's so atmospheric.

  6. This is a true tribute to recycling. And the cows, chickens (and you) are the heroes.

  7. Hello, I found you on the blog of Constança, which drew attention and were the chickens that identifies your blog, I love cats and chickens and all animals! Congratulations on your blog so full of life and beauty!

  8. Hi Claire, I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. You can see more details on my blog.

  9. Hi Claire. I think Tig has the right idea. Love your posts and your blog. Consider me your newest "follower." Cheers! Ronna (in very cold Canada).

  10. Hi Claire, thank for visiting my blog and for leaving your lovely comment. What a stunning view you have, I'm really enjoying looking through your posts.

  11. That's pretty funny, Claire. I was trying to figure out where you live, because for some reason I had England in my head. Duh, Australia, right? :)

    ANd I usurped my friend Ronna's status as your latest follower! Love your kitties, photos, and man, I wish we had a decent bakery around here.

  12. I am starting to feel very middle-aged and dense... duh, Australia also explains those hills, and also the fact that it's SUMMER. :) I think I need another cuppa tea...Love your chickens too!


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