Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't You Love It When.....................

Don't you love it when, a little idea comes together and before you know it you have a small herd of baby Heffalumps.........

More singlets for my craft market stall.

I needed something that people could by if they didn't know the sex of the bub to be.
Hopefully these little cuties will fill that gap.

Don't you love it when you find one of these notes in your letter box, telling you there is a parcel waiting to be collected at the post office......................

Don't you love it when you pick up the parcel, start to open it up and there's lovely tissue paper and ribbon........
Don't you love it when what you get is even better than how it looked online..........

This wonderful creation was part of the auction held to raise funds for recent flood victims .

I was the winning bidder in one of the auctions held by Pam over at Cloth to Creation and I just love it.
So much time and effort and creativity has gone into it and I think it's a very appropriate word.

Pam has used beautiful vintage doileys, MOP buttons, lacey flowers and lots of sweet little charms.
My favourite is the gorgeous little butterfly on the 'O', please click on the photo to enlarge it and enjoy the detail.

Pam has used teeny, tiny stitches to sew these things on, she must have great eye sight...............

The auction was a fantastic idea and raised a grand total of $99,089.00 thanks to the generosity of bloggers all over the world.

Don't you love it when a little mystery is solved even if you weren't aware there was a mystery........ run that by me again Claire !

Hubby called me into the orchard one evening last week and pointed me in the direction of a cache of eggs.
I knew we weren't getting many from the girls, but it is Summer and they do slow down egg production a little.

There were 13 all together and without doubt some of them would've been there for quite a while.
I had to get down on my hands and knees and push aside the berry canes to get them.
I very, very, very carefully placed them in a bucket, not wanting any to explode whilst holding them!!!

I realised what had been happening. My new mum Dorothy and her brood had been put into the orchard each day till the chicks were big enough to be around the rest of the flock.

Obviously Dorothy was laying some eggs, then other chooks were adding to the pile .

So what did I do with those egg grenades?

Well No 1 son and I, went into the paddock and lobbed them at a tree that had fallen down.

We had fun, we laughed and laughed, they were rotten to the core and then as the gas wafted our way, we ran, very fast, still laughing and gagging at the same time.

Hey that's life in the country the good the bad and the downright stinky.....

One last 'DYLIW'.............

Don't you love it when, people take time to visit and then comment, encouraging, praising, lovely comments.

Yes, I do love it, so thankyou all for the comments left on my last post, it's so nice to hear from you all.

Oops, one more DYLIW,

Don't you love it when, you get two parcels in the post in the one week.......
But you will have to wait till the next time to find out, so till then

Take care ,

Claire X


  1. Hi Claire,
    Don't you love it when you read a post that reminds you of memories of your childhood. In particular the joy of throwing rotten eggs out into the paddock, watching them explode with plumes of green and bluey grey stuff rising briefly in the air. Oh my, did I laugh when I read the rotten egg throwing part of your post.
    I grew up on a farm in Western Australia and all manner of chooks, ducks and turkeys would lay their eggs mostly in the laying boxes, but sometimes in old headers, old hessian grain bags and other junk suitable for their nest. We had the annual "find the rotten egg hunt" so we could specifically get to throw them and watch explosions. For those who have sensitive stomachs, stop reading NOW.
    We had a labrador who loved nothing better than carrying things around in her mouth. One day she discovered a rotten egg and was carrying it around in her mouth for hours. My dad clamped her mouth shut and you can imagine what happened next. Rotten egg explodes in dogs mouth. The dog loved it, ICK, but she stank for days and was quite confused as to why we wanted nothing to do with her.
    Life on a farm has it's fun moments, although I'm sure many people would find rotten egg throwing not to their taste. :)
    Thanks for the laugh.
    Anne xx
    P.S. Elephants on singlets have to be the cutest thing ever. They are gorgeous.

  2. so ggod to see green on a kiddie outfit - a bit over only blue and pink being available in the shops!
    Happy egg hunting :)
    Anne - love your reminisences - what fun (?) memories !

  3. Love the elephant singlets, so nice to see a colour other than blue and pink being used! Loved the story about the eggs, I have to say I've never thrown rotten eggs, but then I've never kept birds, sounds fun though!! Love the Hope letters you received, very apt! :) x

  4. Dont you just love it. Yes the elephants through to the eggs.

  5. I love the little vests - what a wonderful design and like you say perfect for a boy or girl.
    Throwing those eggs sounds like great fun....hope none of you got any smelly egg on you.

  6. I love those little green heffalumps Claire - gorgeous! Congratulations too on your winning bid - it's lovely and for such a worthy cause!

  7. Love the Heffalump vests.
    The hope letters you won are lovely; I can't wait to see what was in the second parcel.

  8. Hello Claire,
    Don't you love it when you have a blogger friend who keeps you entertained with the most interesting happenings around here lovely ranch?

    Great post and I am salivating over your auction winnings....absolutely stunning!!!! Lucky you.

    Enjoy your week...mine will be filled with cabinet painting and beadboard trimming ;-)

    janet xox

  9. What a wonderful, fabulous and inspiring blog! Thank you I love it!! So I am now a follower. I will have fun catching up on all the older posts. I love the chook stories, they remind me of my own girls' cheeky capers! Take care, Yollie :)


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