Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Tale of Three Cheeky Bunnies

With all the rain we've been having the bugs, slugs and other creepy crawlies have been breeding like there's no tomorrow.

Also the bunnies and they've found their way into our vegie garden, the cheeky little beggars.

I caught them hiding in amongst the beans.
They thought they were blending in but those big blue eyes gave them away.

No sooner had I spied them amongst the beans then they had headed over to the lettuces.
They were spoilt for choice.
Oh no there's more of them. Didn't their mother ever tell them tales of Peter rabbit and what happened to his dad?

I thought that would've been part of bunny folklore.

Passed down through the generations as a warning .

They certainly don't look worried, do they?

Mini Zinnias, next to the tomatoes.
Oh , where have those bunnies disappeared to, oh there they are.

I managed to grab them before they started doing any damage in the garden and before the furry felines found them, as they are partial to a bit of rabbit.

They are looking a little worried, they must've spied the BBQ outside..............

Worried that they could end up in a pie.....

I came home from work this afternoon and the first thing I noticed as I drove in the gate was this wonderful pile of wood.

Now we're ready for Winter, that is after No. 1 son stacks it into the wood shed...hehe... he doesn't know about my little plan yet.

When we had a load delivered last Autumn, the truck ran over something sharp in the grass and pffffffft, a puncture.
The somewhat elderly gentleman who was delivering it, got out of the truck, just shrugged it off and said that's the 3rd one today..........

The thought of being warm and snug by the wood heater, with a bag of wool by my side and a crochet hook in hand is making me smile.

I hope you have all found lots of things to smile about this week.

Thankyou all for stopping by to visit, always nice to hear from you .

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Hey Claire,
    Send some rabbits my way..they can romp in my 3 acres!

    Spring is peeking through here in Virginia...going to be 70 degrees today!

    janet xox

  2. Ha ha those bunnies do look worried in the basket!

    What a lovely view you've got over the hills.

  3. What a beautiful sky!
    did the rabbits get into the lettuces? And is that an artichoke plant I see?

  4. I wouldn`t mind coming home to that house and that view!Stunning. The bunnies aren`t bad either. Have a great weekend, Claire. x

  5. Your energy Claire !
    Those bunnies are just awesome - they have such grand personality :)

  6. Those bunnies are so cute Claire! You are so clever! And your vegies are looking good too! Have a great week. Julie:)

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  8. They would be the ONLY rabbits I wouldnt't finding in our garden! Our topsy turvey worlds - here we are getting into spring and the last of our wood, and there you are stocking up...nice big load there, about twice what I get in.

  9. The bunnies are ADORABLE, and the landscape around you is spectacular. Do those hills/mountains have a name?


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