Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beware of Floral Fever, There's No Escape......................

With the drop in temperature and the disappearance of recent humidity, I had a hankering to make some flowers.
Saturday was the perfect day.
It was wet, verrrrry wet, no gardening could be done, so it was definitely an inside day.
I found a wonderful tutorial over at Cynthia Shaffer . These little beauties are addictive and once you start well you are well and truly in the grip of "Floral Fever' there is no escaping it, so be warned.
There is a cure and that is to keep whipping up flowers until you use every scrap of fabric in your stash or till you get thoroughly sick of the sight of them.......
The fabric combinations can be endless, but so far the yellow polka dot flower is my favourite.

I'm not exactly sure what type of flower they are......Zinnias perhaps!

Maybe a new David Austin rose?

Not only were there fabric flowers blooming on the weekend but crocheted flowers too.

I had this pattern written down somewhere, but didn't want to go searching for it..........
Yes, it was one of those lazy, dazy days.

I found this tutorial on youtube.
You can whip them up in a very short space of time and it's great for using up leftover yarn.
The tutorial also shows you how to crochet leaves, but I haven't managed to get past the flowers yet.......

Last post, I mentioned some a couple of treasures found at the oppy last week.
Here they are in all their laundered glory.

Tucked away in a corner of the op shop, I gasped in delight when I pulled out the stack of tea towels and found them.

They must've been waiting just for me. I'm sure they couldn't have gone to a better home, as you know how much I love birds and Red Robins are my favourite.
The Robin tea towel is Irish linen made in Ulster.
It had a couple of little marks which disappeared after a wash and for 50 cents each, I think you would have to agree they are a bargain of the utmost kind.............

The second teatowel, must've been a magazine gift from Country Style and I think it's a Willy Wagtail, cheeky little birds..........

Click on the image to enlarge.

Well the rain has disappeared for a couple of days, but will reappear at the end of the week along with the humidity. At least that's what the weather forecasters are telling us.

Today is just glorious, blue skies with a few fluffy, cotton wool clouds.

The temperature is very pleasant.

Here in Australia we have had cyclones and floods up North, more floods down South and over in the West there are bushfires.

It's hard to comprehend the diversity of the landscape and the weather system, but days like this lift your spirits and make you realise that despite the hardship and the problems we all face in life, things are pretty, jolly good.

I hope wherever you are things are going well.
Thankyou for stopping to visit, always lovely to hear from you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Love those flowers and they look so pretty amongst the ones in your garden.
    I love the teatowels and have the Country Style one myself. It's gorgeous and I put it over my bread while it's cooling.
    Glad your weather is nice today. That humidity is a killer.
    Anne xx

  2. Hi Claire, those flowers look great! It must have been the weekend for flowers i think, I made a heap of crocheted ones on Saturday too! This milder weather is lovely isn't it, so over all the humidity and rain! Have a great day! Julie x

  3. Love the flowers they are like graphic art.

  4. I love both the fabric and crochet flowers, great colours.

  5. Hey Claire,
    I adore you little flowers...very cute to photograph them among the real thing.
    You know I am drooling over the linens...YUM!!!! Do you have any special plans for them or will you enjoy them as is? You know me...I see holiday apron from the red bird linen ;-)

    Enjoy your nice weather while it lasts.
    Janet xox

  6. Hi Claire...
    Janet sent me to your blog because of my newest obsession...Chickens...I don't see my hubby letting me get any for the ranch but how fun would that be. You now have a new reader to your blog...can't wait to see some of the fun things you do...
    Love your flowers...fabric flowers are another obsession...
    enjoy the warmth...
    Kelly Ann

  7. you sure have got the flower bug bad !
    and now i think you are showing off with your op shop finds, you've had a great run on awesome stuff - those robins are fantastic - i would'nt want to wipe a plate with them.

  8. Wouldn't it be lovely if flowers really did grow like that - brooch bushes!

  9. Love the flowers, they are so pretty!

    The tea towels are pretty, so cheerful in your lovely weather! Hope that it stays sunny over there! It looks beautiful compared our dull dreary weather here! :) x

  10. Thankyou all for stopping to say 'hi' and leaving lovely encouraging comments.
    Here's to flower power................. No doubt there are more in the pipeline as I have had quite a bit of fun making them.

    My robin tea towel, is tucked away in a drawer. Don't think I could bring myself to dry dishes let alone cut it up for something...........Janet I am definitely not as brave as you.

    Jules, must be something about the cooler weather, just makes you want to crochet.
    Glad you dropped by Kelly Ann, always nice to have new readers, welcome.
    Gretel, brooch bushes sound wonderful, not prone to slug or snail damage.

    Claire X

  11. Dear Claire

    I do understand about the diversity. Warm here at the West Coast, but snowing wildly in the East. Tornados, hurricanes and relentless rain in some parts. Then the toolie fog in the valleys. So thick you have to stop your car in the middle of the road, you cannot see three inches in front of you. I've always felt a kinship with Australia because of the diversity there. Anyways, wonderful flowers! Love the shot of them in your borders.

  12. Hi Claire,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely message. I love the flowers you have made, gorgeous. I too love crafting, hens and yes, we quite often are to be found counting the sheep here too. Best wishes.


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